BREAKING: Minnesota Schools To Kick Out White People - What is Happening...

August 22, 2022

Minneapolis Public Schools have been caught grossly discriminating against white people.

"Minneapolis Public Schools' contract with a teachers union says that white teachers will be laid off or reassigned outside of seniority order before 'educators of color' if Minneapolis Public Schools needs to reduce staff," reported JustTheNews.

"The clause was part of the deal struck by the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers and MPS on March 25 to end a 14-day teacher strike affecting 29,000 students," reported JustTheNews.

A partial screenshot of a contract reads:

"Past discrimination by the District disproportionately impacted the hiring of underrepresented teachers in the District, as compared to the relevant labor market and the community, and resulted in a lack of diversity of teachers."

"Teachers working in the following programs may be exempted from district-wide layoffs outside of seniority order to remedy the continuing effects of past discrimination, ensure continuity of instruction to students at these sites based on the difficulty in filling vacancies at these sites with staff who are appropriately licensed, certified, and bi-literate in the appropriate language," the contract says.

The agreement adds that if a non-white teacher is subject to excess, or reducing positions in a school, then MPS must excess a white teacher with the "next least" seniority.

You can read about Minneapolis Public Schools' terrible policies and racist contract language here.