BREAKING: Millionaire Bernie Sanders Makes Surprising Declaration - WOW

October 1, 2022

Vermont Senator and former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders made a shocking declaration about the fuel and food industry.

Sanders said gas prices have fallen "considerably," but there's "corporate greed" in the fuel and food industry.

Sanders, an Independent, argued that although gas prices "have gone down considerably," there is still a need to fight "this issue of corporate greed."

Sanders argued that the need to combat the "issue of corporate greed" is because of "the oil companies are making record-breaking profits." He also placed blame on corporate greed for high food prices.

Sanders said, "What we should understand, is that while gas prices have soared — they’re going — have gone down considerably, the oil companies are making record-breaking profits. When people go to the supermarket and see a high price of food, understand that you’ve got a handful of food companies that control the industry that are also making record-breaking profits."

"So, I think what we have to deal with is this issue of corporate greed, of billionaire control of our political system, of concentration of ownership," Sanders continued. "And we have got to tell the American people that we’re going to fight. And it’s not going to happen tomorrow, but the fight has got to be for a government that works for all of us and not just for the people on top. And I’ll tell you something, Seth, if we are not successful in doing that, you’re going to see more and more people saying, I don’t believe in democracy."

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