BREAKING: Military Attack DESTROYS Capital Building - WOW

August 29, 2022

The former Soviet-bloc nation of Latvia has destroyed a Soviet-era war memorial in the capital city of Riga in reaction to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The massive 260-foot-high memorial was erected in 1985 and celebrated the Soviet Union's invasion of Latvia in World War II.

The destruction of the memorial was approved by the Latvian parliament, which mandated that all Soviet-era monuments be destroyed by mid-November.

Latvia is leading the charge in destroying Soviet monuments and will likely be joined by other former Soviet satellite states. Neighboring Estonia also began the removal of Soviet memorials earlier this month.

Poland, which has become increasingly anti-Russian, is also demolishing monuments left over from its time as part of the Soviet Union.

Russia's decision to invade Ukraine has destroyed its international image. The destruction of memorials and monuments is just the beginning of a movement against Russian aggression in Eastern Europe.

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