BREAKING: Mike Pence In HUGE Fight - Here's What You Need To Know...

July 29, 2022

Former Vice President Mike Pence has a fight on his hands.

This time it's against the Environment Social Governance (ESG) movement.

The ESG has been attacking Pence for quite some time, apparently because they were fired up that Pence disliked the ESG's attempt to push big business farther to the left.

Pence had warned that "the woke left is poised to conquer corporate America and has set in motion a strategy to enforce their radical environmental and social agenda on publicly traded corporations."

He said that rather than occurring naturally, "The shift is entirely manufactured by a handful of very large and powerful Wall Street financiers promoting left-wing environmental, social, and governance goals (ESG), and ignoring the interests of businesses and their employees."

According to a Pence advisor, the left are attacking Pence because he is going to "stop the progressive left from circumventing the ballot box to achieve their radical goals."

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