BREAKING: Media Caught In Crazy Pelosi Cover-Up - Here's The Truth...

November 6, 2022

The alleged break-in at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's home stunned America, and it was the news cycle's focus for a few days. However, the past week has seen three major retractions by the mainstream media with little explanation given.

To make matters worse, San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins is refusing to release any video footage of the alleged break-in and assault of Paul Pelosi, who is Nancy Pelosi's husband.

Jenkins told CNN, "For us, revealing that evidence through the media is just not what we think is appropriate. We want to make sure that this individual is held accountable for these egregious acts. For us, we're going to make sure that we limit the evidence as much as possible in order to get that done."

Jenkins's statement that her office will be limiting the release of evidence "as much as possible" further indicates that something is wrong, and there is a major cover-up happening.

The statement from the district attorney and the sudden memory holing of narratives about the break-in at the Pelosi home seemingly confirm that the American people are being misled.

Democrats are in desperation mode and are working to destroy any narrative or inconvenient truth that may hinder their chances in Tuesday's elections.

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