BREAKING: Massive New Concern Over Biden Has White House Scrambling - Voters Shocked...

July 9, 2022

President Biden is not going to be happy about this, if he's even aware of it.

It honestly is hard to tell how much of the world around him Biden is aware of sometimes.

But even Joe is probably aware of his current streak, which is becoming so ridiculously massive that it seems almost impossible to ignore.

A weekly Reuters poll has revealed that for the FORTY-THIRD consecutive week, President Joe Biden's economy is the greatest concern among American voters.

That's 43 weeks he's been getting the message, and it's been 43 weeks of inaction.

In fact, it seems almost as if Dirty Joe is doing all he can to make our economy WORSE.

Take soaring gas prices, for instance. Instead of bringing them down by making as much oil as possible available in America, Biden is selling America's oil off to Hunter Biden's partners in China.

It isn't just Joe Biden's economy we're worried about, it's Joe Biden's EVERYTHING we're worried about.

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