BREAKING: Massive COVID Scandal Goes All The Way To The Top - Nation Shocked...

August 22, 2022

The Covid-19 pandemic was a moment of awakening for many Americans about just how untrustworthy our government is. Now years later, both testimony and evidence have conclusively proven that the hoax went all the way to the top.

Deborah Birx, who coordinated the response to the Covid-19 pandemic under former President Donald Trump, recently testified that the belief that the Covid-19 vaccine would prevent infection was based on "hope" rather than scientific proof.

President Joe Biden, alongside countless Democrats and bureaucrats, promised Americans that if they got the shot, they would be protected from infection and the pandemic would be over.

That promise of ending the spread of Covid-19 entirely was used to bully and harass Americans who were hesitant to get the vaccine. Many Americans lost their livelihoods both to the lockdowns and vaccine mandates advocated for by totalitarian bureacrats.

Both federal agencies and the public health sector lied to Americans for years and there has yet to be any real reckoning.

The damage done to the nation was incalculable and those responsible must be held accountable. Until that happens, Americans have little reason to trust anything the federal government says.

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