BREAKING: Martha Vineyard's Dirty Secret Is OUT - DeSantis Laughing..

September 20, 2022

Martha's Vineyard has released their official reasoning for not wanting illegal aliens living in their city.

There's a "housing crisis."

The problem with that claim? It's not true at all.

Quick glances around internet will show that there are numerous empty homes across Martha's Vineyard.

It's just that the owners aren't willing to sell them or allow migrants to stay in them.

And they said we were the racist ones?

If liberals encourage illegal immigration so much, they should be able to open their hearts to them, right?

Apparently not.

That's liberal logic for you.

Just five of these empty homes would have to be opened to house ALL of the illegal immigrants that are arriving.

The liberals at Martha's Vineyard are NOT opening up their doors for them.

Don't let them gaslight into feeling bad for doing the same.

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