BREAKING: Marco Rubio Reveals SICK Secret Within Military - We Are Going Down...

August 6, 2022

America's military has its priorities completely backward, and the rest of the world knows it.

If the problem isn't fixed soon, America's status as the Greatest Country in the World may be in serious jeopardy.

That's the opinion of Republican Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, who sees some stark differences between America's military and the militaries of our enemies.

Militaries like those found in China and Russia are all business these days, and ours is more worried about not offending transgender people by using the wrong pronoun.

It's a sad reality, but that's not how you win a potential war.

Rubio argued that China has "already launched rockets that have hit east of the Taiwan Straits. I think you’re going to see China launch rockets over Taiwan. I think you’re going to see jets, potentially — military airplanes fly over Taiwan. And I think part of this is messaging. But I think part of it is to make — send a very clear signal to leaders in Taiwan and to military leaders in Taiwan. And that is, if we decide to take you by force, you won’t be able to stop us. And therefore, you might as well begin to negotiate with us the terms of your surrender. I think there’s no doubt about it that that’s going to happen."

"When we see these things happen, remember that our civilian leaders in the Pentagon have spent the last two years focused very seriously on the proper use of pronouns and ensuring that we host the right number of drag queen shows at different military bases around the world…and kicking out the unvaccinated. And now, the recruitment numbers are down," he concluded.

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