BREAKING: Marco Rubio Just Exposed Democrat Oil Scandal - America FURIOUS...

October 17, 2022

Republican Senator Marco Rubio of Florida blasted the Biden administration for its failed efforts to lower oil prices.

Rubio said the failed efforts represent the "radical left-wing Marxist misfits" that control today's Democratic Party.

Rubio said the Biden administration’s policies have made America vulnerable.

"I don’t think there’s any doubt that the timing tells you that the answer is your question, right?" Rubio said.

"Look, can you just not do this or announce you’re going to do this until after November? Because the last thing he wants is what’s happening already, what happened over this weekend, a spike in oil. The oil prices go up in the futures market, and then a couple of weeks later, it begins to get priced in at the pump, right around the time as Americans are going to go vote. And remember, Biden’s been going around, and the Democrats have been going around for weeks bragging about how all gas prices were coming down, everything was down. He was taking credit for that. Now, he’ll have to take the blame, and he deserves the blame," Rubio continued.

"So, yes, I believe they’re messing around with it for political purposes, but I also think this is indicative of how these radical left-wing Marxist misfits that control the Democratic Party have put us in the position that we are now in as a country," he added. "And that is they’re okay with us getting more oil from other countries. They just don’t want it produced here. And it leaves us vulnerable not just on oil but on all kinds of other things that they refuse to produce in our country — natural gas, all the byproducts that come from that. You name it."

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