BREAKING: Lying Trump Enemy NAILED By Top GOP Senator - BOOM

October 20, 2022

Utah Sen. Mike Lee (R) called out his opponent Evan McMullin (I) for labeling him a "traitor" because he was in contact with members of then-President Donald Trump's team on January 6, even though Lee voted to certify the election and did not try to get it overturned.

“You know that’s not true," an indignant Lee said. "You, sir, owe me an apology.”

Lee said he looked into the "rumors" about election fraud or interference, but they were "false," so he voted to certify the election.

Some on Twitter came to Lee's defense, like former staffer for Orrin Hatch Matt Whitlock, who called the rhetoric "pathetic" and McMullin's views a conspiracy.

McMullin is a Trump-hater who plans to caucus with Demorats. Why would any voter want that?

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