BREAKING: Look Who Joe Biden Just Sneakily Gave $41 Million - Voters Stunned...

August 23, 2022

The United Nations World Food Program (WFP) announced on Sunday it had received $41 million in funding from the American government for emergency aid in Mozambique.

America is also buying 150,000 metric tons of grain from Ukraine and sending it to African countries facing drought and starvation.

Pierre Lucas, deputy director of the WFP in Mozambique was appreciative of the $41 million but immediately said that another $43.5 million would be needed before next March in order to provide assistance to the people of Mozambique.

"Thanks to the recent contributions from the United States, the WFP will be able once more to offer a complete basket of foodstuffs, from October to December, which will avert a humanitarian crisis," she began. "Without additional new funds, we shall run out of money in the first quarter of 2023, precisely at the start of the period of shortages, when the food reserves become exhausted."

Earlier this year, Biden's administration announced a $14 million-per-year campaign to rebuild parts of Mozambique with job training intended to help the people of Mozambique resist joining Islamic insurgents.

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