BREAKING: Look What Trump Just Got From 22 States - WOW

July 6, 2022

Not only is former President Donald Trump's primary endorsement record 146-10 overall, but he has a perfect endorsement record in 22 out of the 27 states that have had their primary elections so far.

In each of four states--Nebraska, Idaho, North and South Carolina--1 Trump-backed candidate lost while 2 to 8 candidates won.

In Georgia, Trump's record was 7-6, since he backed several challengers to incumbents including the governor, Brian Kemp. Georgians just weren't ready to get rid of their Republicans, and bucked Trump's wishes on a significant number of candidates.

Trump's extraordinary record of primary endorsements was especially evident in Ohio where J.D. Vance rose from obscurity to win handily after he got the nod from Trump.

While it could be the case that Trump just knows how to pick 'em in most cases, his record seems too good to be purely chance.

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