BREAKING: Look What Joe Biden Had In His Hand Right Before Voting - WOW

November 1, 2022

In a practice Joe Biden has declared "racist," a poll worker today asked to see Joe Biden's identification.

"It’s an attempt to repress minority voting masquerading as an attempt to end corruption," he declared.

Poll workers in Delaware ask for a phot identification to vote, but do not require it. If a voter doesn't have photo identification, they are allowed to sign an affidavit to affirm their identity.

Once the poll workers were sure that yes, this really was the President of the United States of America Joe Biden, Dirty Joe went behind a curtained booth. Breitbart detailed the conversation between Biden and an election worker on the outside of the booth that followed:

“Just touch it right?” Biden asked.

“Yes sir. Did it light up?” the worker replied.

“Yup,” Biden replied.

“Do I got it … Cast ballot once you’re done?” Biden continued.

“You’re all done,” the worker replied.

Nice work, Mr. President.

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