BREAKING: Liz Cheney's Got One Option And You Didn't See It Coming - WOW

August 18, 2022

John Nolte of believes that Liz Cheney has exactly ONE option to try to salvage her quickly fading political career:

Join "Disgraced CNN."

Nolte called it nothing but "self-delusion" that Cheney felt the need to compare herself to Abraham Lincoln on her way out:

"The great and original champion of our party, Abraham Lincoln, was defeated in elections for the Senate and the House before winning the most important election of all."

Does Liz somehow think she deserves to be anywhere near the presidential nomination?

The woman really is delusional.

Honestly, I'd like to see her try.

Nolte doesn't think she will, though.

According to John, she'll fit right in at CNN because of how much she angers conservatives.

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