BREAKING: Key Democrat Senator Gets BUSTED In Front Of Whole Nation - He's Done...

October 18, 2022

If you've watched television, surfed the web, or gotten your mail in the last month, you've inevitably been shouted at by some liberal about how evil conservatives are for disagreeing with abortion.

Arizona's Republican nominee for U.S. Senate knows exactly why liberals are hyper-focused on that issue, and only that issue.

"Their awful track record on other issues."

They are remaining super-focused on abortion because they don't want voters thinking about inflation. They're super-focused on abortion because they don't want voters thinking about supply chain issues and inflation. They REALLY don't want Americans thinking about the price of gas.

They want Americans thinking about abortion, because it's the one issue they think they might have a shot on: Convince enough Americans that killing babies is necessary, and they'll HAVE to vote for you.

"Abortion is an important issue, but the Democrats are focusing on it to the exclusion of everything else because their track record is so bad," Blake Masters said. "They don’t want to talk about the wide open southern border, and Mark Kelly on the debate stage he had to admit, ‘Oh, the border’s a mess, but I’m trying to fix it.’ He can’t even say it’s going well. They don’t want to talk about double-digit inflation; they don’t want to talk about rising crime; they don’t want to talk about anything except to try to gin up outrage over abortion, but even there, I think it just backfires."

"Mark Kelly is the abortion radical; I exposed him and his left-wing voting record. I’m the one who can actually represent most Arizonans on this issue. Leave it to the states, Arizona’s decided 15 weeks, and I want a federal backstop, ideally at 15 weeks, and that’s something most people can get behind. The Democrats, I mean, Mark Kelly’s just had to lie; he spent more money lying about my views and policy on abortion than my whole campaign budget. The only way this guy can even possibly keep this race close is by lying about me and by lying about his track record."

According to Trump and Masters, Mark Kelly isn't good for Arizona and he's not good for America.

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