BREAKING: Kevin McCarthy Exposes Scandal Behind Biden Speech - America Fooled...

November 3, 2022

Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy blasted President Joe Biden for his desperate speech this week begging Americans to vote Democrat in next week's midterms.

Biden's speech, pleading with Americans to protect democracy against MAGA extremism, came across as desperate and disconnected with the real issues Americans are facing in Biden's failing economy.

"We the people must decide whether the rule of law will prevail or whether we will allow the dark forces and … thirst for power put ahead of the principles that have long guided us," Biden said during his speech.

"The president went on to tell Americans to ignore the many issues facing them, from gas prices to inflation to job growth, and vote for Democrats simply because Republicans stand against 'democracy' — a word he repeated ad nauseam throughout his lengthy speech," reported Breitbart.

"This is no ordinary year," Biden warned. "In a typical year, we are not often faced with the question of whether the vote we cast will preserve democracy or put it at risk. But we are this year."

Kevin McCarthy tweeted following the speech, saying midterms will be all about Biden and his many failures, not Republican "extremists."

"President Biden’s speech marks the second time in two months he attempted to blame all of the country’s problems on Republican extremists following his 'Soul of the Nation' speech in early September wherein he routinely portrayed MAGA Republicans as violent right-wingers who disrespect the constitution and seek to strip Americans of their most basic rights," reported Breitbart.

Here's the worst part of Biden's speech: "MAGA Republicans do not respect the constitution," Biden said. "They do not believe in the rule of law, they do not believe in the rule of law, they do not recognize the will of the people."

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