BREAKING: KellyAnne Conway Confirms Rumors - America Shocked...

August 4, 2022

Kellyanne Conway, former senior Trump counselor, took to the air to speak out about abortion rights.

"Conway said Wednesday on FNC’s 'America’s Newsroom' that the Kansas vote to strike down an amendment that would have allowed state lawmakers to regulate abortion was 'too soon' after the Dobbs decision to count as a bellwether for November’s midterm elections," reported Breitbart.

"This is exactly what the Dobbs decision designed the next steps to be, which is kick it back to the states, let the people decide," Conway said. "And Kansas, they spoke very loudly last night based on the language of that particular initiative that was before them."

"Secondly," Conway added, "it may be too soon. Emotions are raw. Confusion is deep. You see that Planned Parenthood, I read last week, had a 40-fold increase in donations right after the Dobbs decision. So people are concerned that we’ve gone from all abortion anyone, any time, anywhere, essentially under Roe, to nothing in some of these states. So it may be a little too soon for that."

Conway added, "I would point out to you, you know everybody including other networks, lower-rated networks love to say today Kansas is a conservative state, it’s a red state. That’s true, and it is not so true. I don’t really like when we talk about states that way.

"In this case, they have a female pro-choice Democratic governor up for reelection," Conway concluded.

You can click here to see a video of Conway's interview on air.