BREAKING: Kari Lake Exposes Sick Media Scandal - Voters Shocked...

October 30, 2022

Kari Lake, the Republican nominee for governor of Arizona, lashed out at journalists for attempting to "influence this election" with their coverage of the break-in at Democratic nominee Katie Hobbs's office that Democrats are blaming Lake for.

During a press conference on Thursday, Lake said, "My desperate opponent, who is sinking like lead weight in water, pulled a stunt, and you guys fell for it. She put out a defamatory statement, and you all ran with it. You didn't do your journalistic duty. It was malpractice of journalism that I've never seen before."

Daniel Mota Dos Reis, 36, was eventually arrested for the burglary of Hobbs's office, and it was clear that the crime was random and far from the targeted attack that Democrats claimed it had been.

Still, Democrats claimed that Lake had something to do with the break-in, and the media bought their story without bothering to do any kind of fact-checking.

Even after the truth of the burglary was revealed, Hobbs's campaign pivoted to complaining about Lake's aggressive rhetoric.

Lake and the race for Arizona's governorship have proven once again that the media is in league with the Democrat Party and will always carry water for Democrat candidates, no matter how insane the allegations are.

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