BREAKING: Kamala Harris Secret Trip Exposed - Can't Deny It...

August 28, 2022

Vice President Kamala Harris was caught vacationing in Hawaii even as Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) was taking on China.

The Vice President, who has become infamous for her inept foreign policy, has been vacationing in Hawaii since August 15th. In that same timeframe, Senator Blackburn has been doing the Vice President's job.

Senator Blackburn made several visits to the Indo-Pacific region over the past weeks.

Most notably, Senator Blackburn visited Taiwan in a direct challenge to China. China has been stepping up the rhetoric and even threatened to shoot down House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's jet if she visited the island.

Pelosi rightly called China's bluff and Senator Blackburn is continuing to keep up the pressure on China while signaling to Taiwan that they have our support.

The Vice President being on vacation while lower government officials are hard at work is a bad look. President Biden has already become notorious for his vacationing; now, the Vice President seems to be on the same path.

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