BREAKING: Kamala Harris Declared MISSING In Action - Shock Report...

July 1, 2022

America has been saying it for a while.

Now, our friends from Guatemala have taken up the fight as well:

Kamala Harris is absolutely useless.

She's done nothing to help America with COVID, she's pushed hate and division between races, and she's done absolutely NOTHING about America's illegal immigration crisis.

This is despite the fact that she was named the official "Border Czar" of Biden's administration.

The closest she's come to doing anything at the border is telling Lester Holt at least she hasn't been to Europe.

Now Guatemalan President Alejandro Giamattei is calling her out as well.

Kamala wasn't doing anything in America, so she lied to us and said she was trying to start at the source in Central America.

According to Giamettei, she hasn't done that either.

"I do think that we need greater communication between the government of the United States and our government at least," he began.

You can read the rest of his statement at the link below:

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