BREAKING: John Kerry CAUGHT Red Handed In Scandal - Read This Now...

July 21, 2022

John Kerry is Joe Biden's Special Envoy for Climate.

Seems like a fancy title to do a whole lot of nothing, it should be called "special reward for being liberal."

Regardless of what the Special Envoy for Climate actually does, I know the only thing it should NOT be doing: ruining the environment.

That's EXACTLY what John Kerry is doing.

Joe's assignment for Kerry includes zooming around the country to talk about the dangers of carbon emissions.

His method of travel?

Private jet. For him and nobody else.

Since Joe Biden got into office, Kerry's private plane has spewed 300 metric tons of the pollutant into the atmosphere.

It's alright, it's not like his entire job is to fly around talking about how bad pollution is...

Wait, that's EXACTLY what his job is?

You can tell liberals are in charge at the moment.

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