BREAKING: Joe Biden's Secret Train Scandal Just Revealed - Look At This!

August 21, 2022

Republicans on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee warned in a letter to Amtrak this week that President Joe Biden may be planning to use the taxpayer-funded railway to transport illegal immigrants into American communities in large numbers if and when the administration manages to end Title 42.

"We are concerned about the impact that a significantly greater border surge could cause to your services and the potential use of Amtrak in the Administration’s response to its self-created border crisis," the Republicans wrote to Amtrak.

The use of limited Amtrak resources to transport illegal immigrants could "cause disruptions for Amtrak customers" and "further exacerbate the supply chain crisis," the letter continued.

"Such actions would also constitute an unconscionable use of significant amounts of taxpayer funds and resources to aid in the vast movement of illegal migrants into American communities," it concluded.

Currently, buses and planes are being used to transport the illegal immigrants, but more transportation resources are likely to be needed if the end of Title 42 sends a flood of illegal immigrants to the border like nothing we have ever seen before.

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