BREAKING: Joe Biden's Secret Court Plan Was Just Exposed - Here Are The Details...

July 25, 2022

President Biden has nominated a member of an "abolitionist organization" that is working towards "a world in which prisons and jails are unnecessary" to the 9th Circuit Appeals Court bench.

Roopali Desai, a litigation partner at the law firm Coppersmith Brockelman, is a member of the radical organization Just Communities Arizona, which stands in opposition to every tenet of the criminal justice system.

Desai's organization is so radical that it mourned Arizona's execution of convicted murderer and rapist Frank Atwood.

Atwood raped and murdered 8-year-old Vicki Lynne Hoskinson in 1987, and instead of celebrating his execution, Desai and the Just Communities Arizona group mourned his death.

According to a post from the organization's Facebook page, "The state of Arizona has executed Frank Atwood. Please take a moment to send Light to Frank Atwood, his family and friends, and all those who suffer under Arizona's punishment system (including those who are employed by it."

President Biden is secretly trying to put radical individuals on the Judiciary, but thankfully he has failed to keep it a secret. These radical individuals must not be allowed near power and the only way to ensure that is to vote Democrats out in November.

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