BREAKING: Joe Biden's Re-Election Hopes Smashed - Can't Be Done...

July 7, 2022

According to Rassmussen polling, only 29% want President Joe Bident to run for president again, and only 29% want Vice President Kamala Harris to run in his place in 2024.

While Rassmussen is a conservative polling outfit, they have consistently been one of the most accurate ones in recent elections. In the most recent poll, a somewhat higher 37% said they wanted former President Donald Trump to run again.

A majority said they don't want Biden (59%), Harris (56%), or Trump (54%) to run in 2024. That's kind of discouraging since those appear to be the frontrunners in their parties right now.

Will it be another election of the worst possible candidates? Doesn't America deserve and need better?

Don't get me wrong, Trump did a lot of great things for the country, but he has some pretty big flaws that don't seem to be going anywhere. There's got to be better options than any of these in a country of 340 million people.

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