BREAKING: Joe Biden's Newest Diagnosis Isn't Good - GOP Reacts...

July 20, 2022

The regular conversation around President Joe Biden these days has to do with whether or not he's fit to be commander-in-chief and if he is putting America in danger by being such an incompetent leader.

America finds itself in a vulnerable place, and it is because of the weak leadership of President Joe Biden, and Republican Senator Marco Rubio of Florida recently spoke out about it.

"According to the Florida Republican lawmaker, there is a noticeable difference in Biden’s condition as vice president during former President Barack Obama’s administration," reported Breitbart.

"Look, I didn’t start with Joe Biden in the Senate," Rubio said. "So, I can’t claim I’ve known who he was then. But I did interact with him when he was vice president. This is not the same person."

"I mean, clearly, not the same person, and everybody changes over time," Rubio said, "but clearly, he’s not the same person."

"So, I can’t tell you from intellectual, cognitive perspective how well he understands because I don’t work in the White House," Rubio added.

Then he dropped the hammer about what a dangerous situation President Biden has walked America into:

"I can tell you what my eyes see, and I can’t tell you what our adversaries see, and I can’t tell you what our allies around the world see," Rubio said.

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