BREAKING: Joe Biden's New Diagnosis Is Stunning - Only 29 Days Until...

October 11, 2022

A recent poll revealed that the majority of Americans think Biden's economy is headed in the wrong direction.

The poll results are damning for the Democratic Party as midterm elections are just days away.

"Sixty-two percent of voters say President Joe Biden’s economy is deteriorating just 29 days from the midterm elections," Breitbart reported about a Civiqs poll.

"Only 17 percent of respondents say Biden’s economy is getting better," reported Breitbart.

"Seventy percent believe the current condition of Biden’s economy is very bad or fairly bad. Just 25 percent say it is very good or fairly good," according to Breitbart.

"A Heritage Foundation study showed Americans have lost $4,200 in annual income since Biden assumed office. Other experts project inflation will cost American families $5,520 in 2022," reported Breitbart.

"Biden’s sagging economy is hurting his party’s chances of retaining the Senate. Biden’s average approval rating in seven of the top Senate swing states is underwater by an average of 15 points, a key midterm election bellwether that will impact November 8," according to Breitbart.

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