BREAKING: Joe Biden's Border Shocker - Here's What America Needs To Know...

August 2, 2022

Some of the poorest people in the world are coming across the U.S. southern border and using U.S. resources as they wait for asylum hearings, all because of President Joe Biden's lax border policies.

Most of these illegal immigrants do not have valid claims for asylum, but they are still being allowed into the U.S. where they may disappear before their hearings and stay inside the U.S. indefinitely.

Some of them have hearings scheduled in New York, Florida or Washington, D.C., but they can't even afford a bus ticket to get there.

Many are putting down the address of NGO buildings because they don't have anywhere to go.

Some of these desperate illegal immigrants are falling victim to drug smugglers and human traffickers, who are pulling down 26 times the profits they did under former President Donald Trump.

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