BREAKING: Joe Biden's Awful Failure EXPOSED To Whole Nation - White House HUMILIATED...

October 17, 2022

A new op-ed from The Daily Wire pointed out that President Joe Biden's previous colleagues including Barack Obama were correct in assessing that he had an unprecedented ability to screw things up, and pointed to his current failures as proof of this phenomenon.

Where former President Donald Trump was able to use strategy and some threats to keep the peace and prevent OPEC from cratering the world oil market during the pandemic, Biden has done the complete opposite.

It is largely thanks to his interference with Nord Stream II and empty threats to bomb Russia that Ukraine was invaded.

And it was his botched attempt to beg Saudi Arabia for more oil production while insulting the Crown Prince that led to OPC cutting production even more than they had originally intended.

Now it's come out that Biden engaged in a quid pro quo with Saudi Arabia, which is an impeachable offense, but it didn't even work. Biden's incompetence is staggering, and we've got another two years of this before anything much can change in the executive branch.

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