BREAKING: Joe Biden Takes EPIC Fall In Hometown - YIKES

July 28, 2022

When it comes to Joe Biden's horrific approval rating:

It's definitely not the Republicans at this point.

The independents really can't be faulted either.

Even Democrats deserve a little bit of a break.

Nobody likes Joe Biden, not even one of the three groups above. But you can't be mad at those groups because literally NOBODY likes Joe Biden.

Not even the people in Joe's own hometown.

Bicycle Joe has long declared the town of Scranton, Pennsylvania to be his home city.

You think that if he's willing to do that, then the people of Scranton should be able to support Jumping Joe.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Less than fifty percent of voters in Biden's home county believe he's doing an acceptable job.

"Lackawanna County, which includes Scranton, slid from 60% in July 2020 to 47% as of late June."

Perhaps it's time for Joe to go crawl back on that rock he'd been sunning his lizard skin on.

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