BREAKING: Joe Biden SLAMMED By Shock Voice In Texas - White House Stunned...

November 3, 2022

The voters of Texas have had enough. Joe Biden is NOT good for them. In fact, he's been an absolute trainwreck not just for Texas, but for ALL southern border states. Actually, scratch that. It isn't just the southwestern states, it's ALL STATES.

Biden has made life worse for normal Americans in every state.

The people in Texas are just hitting the hardest right now.

"I think we’ve seen enough of politics in Washington and I think we’ve seen enough of what Joe Biden and the Democrats stand for. Me personally, I go to the gas pump and grocery shopping and it’s over the top," said United States Navy Vietnam veteran Bob Hoffman. He believes a red wave is coming next week.

"At the pump gas prices were down, the economy was doing better, the wall was being built, and everything came to a halt when Joe Biden came into office," Hoffman continued.

It isn't just Hoffman who thinks this way. His fellow Texans were in furious agreement:

"I think we have a better chance with Gov. Abbott to have crime put under control because he’s more strict on crime control and not letting people out for no reason," voter Terry Lehman said. Beto O'Rourke is "very soft on crime" and "he’s gonna let people out so… I do prison ministry and I know there’s some guys who should not be out."

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