BREAKING: Joe Biden SINKS - Unprecedented Tragedy For White House

July 11, 2022

President Joe Biden's approval rating has officially dropped into the 20s, marking an unprecedented tragedy for an administration that has become an expert at setting records that no one wants.

A new Saturday Civiqs poll published on Saturday found that President Biden is sitting at a miserable 29% approval rating.

58% of respondents stated that they disapproved of President Biden's performance with the midterm elections just around the corner. What's worse is the President's numbers with his own party aren't looking much better.

The poll found that only 63% of Democrat respondents approve of President Biden which is a shocking plunge from 88% at this time last year.

President Biden is just the sixth President in American history to register approval ratings in the 20s. Even his famously divisive predecessor never reached such lows in approval ratings.

All of this spells doom for Democrats who are tied to President Biden. Americans are furious with the President, and there is a good chance they will take out their frustration on the President's party in November.

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