BREAKING: Joe Biden Proclaims The End Is Near - He's Losing It...

October 1, 2022

Joe Biden has either lost his mind, or he's right on the edge. Biden's riding that wave baby, and he could crash right into a retirement home.

Recently, he announced that Italy peacefully electing their first woman Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni represented a "threat to democracy."

"You just saw what’s happened in Italy in that election," he said, referring to Meloni’s election. "You’re seeing what’s happening around the world."

To be fair, he probably doesn't have a huge problem with Meloni being a woman. But he won't tolerate the idea that a conservative could win an election. Something Americans learned in 2020 during the vote-counting process.

"You’re going to think this is a little out of whack what I’m going to talk about — but, you know, democracy is at stake," Biden went on.

Yeah, "a little out of whack" is about right.

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