BREAKING: Joe Biden POISON Pill Shocker - She's Speaking Out...

September 1, 2022

According to Trump's former Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, there's only one way to describe Joe Biden's student debt handout:

Poison pill.

Sure, swallowing it now isn't going to kill you. Everything may even seem okay on the outside. But once that poison pill is digested and starts to go to work?

All hell breaks loose.

That's exactly what Betsy sees happening with Biden's student loan policies:

"It’s very clear that two out of three Americans–well all Americans–will own student debt if this plan actually goes through. Two out of three Americans didn’t take out student loans to attend college. And not even to mention, the many students who have faithfully paid down their debt or the veterans who have earned their tuition. [Vice President Kamala Harris] can’t answer the question because she doesn’t want to answer the question. She knows, politically, it’s a poison pill. It’s a pay-off on the one side for hopeful votes this fall, but on the other side they know this is, ultimately, a political loser."

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