BREAKING: Joe Biden OUTED In Election Scandal - Evidence Stuns...

October 20, 2022

A former Russian ambassador to Washington D.C. is blowing the lid right off of Joe Biden's Brittney Griner problem.

Griner is a liberal icon because she is a lesbian. She was also recently arrested for bringing drugs over international borders and into Russia.

Joe Biden has been acting like he's doing all he can to get Brittney back, but ex-envoy Yuri Ushakov is exposing Biden.

Joe only cares about Brittney coming back to America so that liberals look good in midterms. Joe doesn't ACTUALLY care about Brittney Griner, and she's not a priority for Russians.

They're treating her like any other criminal. They aren't going to expedite her back to America just because Biden wants a boost going into midterms.

"In this tense situation, the way I see it, [Biden] thinks first and foremost about the upcoming midterm elections, which is why he keeps bringing up the need to return the basketball player who was arrested for delivering drugs," Ushakov said. Griner "is not the most important issue that concerns us."

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