BREAKING: Joe Biden Officially Says He Won't Do It - WOW

August 24, 2022

President Joe Biden's Pentagon has again rejected a request from the Democratic Mayor of Washington, DC, to activate the National Guard to deal with an influx of illegal immigration.

The Mayor, Muriel Bowser, is a Democrat. Democrats, as you know, as HUGE fans of open borders and getting as many immigrants into the country as possible. EXCEPT for when it impacts their way of life.

Illegal immigration is only supposed to cause problems for the conservatives in Arizona and Texas, so what do the liberals of DC care?

Now they do, because Texas Governor Greg Abbott has been bussing the illegal immigrants to Democrat-controlled parts of the country.

If Muriel Bowser wants illegal immigrants in the country so bad, let her take care of them.

This is where the problem arises, Bowser refuses to do it.

She keeps asking for military assistance to handle the immigrants, a measure that even Biden's Pentagon won't stoop to:

According to a copy of a letter to the city reviewed by The Associated Press, the Defense Department said use of the D.C. National Guard would be inappropriate and would hurt the overall readiness of the troops, forcing some to cancel or disrupt military training.

The letter said the department also is concerned about putting uniformed military members in direct contact with migrants to provide food, sanitation or other support, saying the troops have no real experience or training for that mission.

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