BREAKING: Joe Biden Officially Caught In Educational Corruption - Dollars Were Flowing...

September 26, 2022

President Joe Biden has his filthy hands in every facet of America, and he's slowly ripping it to shreds. This has to stop.

"America's largest labor union where President Biden spoke Friday has donated almost exclusively to Democrats, including the president, showering the party with a lopsided portion of its total political contributions, according to campaign finance data," reports Fox News.

"According to Open Secrets, the National Educators Association (NEA), which represents public school teachers and staff and advocates for the education of America's children, has given more than 98% of its total political contributions for the current 2022 midterm elections cycle to Democratic congressional candidates, compared to less than 2% to Republicans," Fox reported.

Joe Biden has officially been caught using his power for educational corruption.

"The amounts given during the 2020 elections reflected a similar advantage towards Democratic congressional candidates, with nearly 95% of all the NEA's contributions going to the party, and just 2.5% going to Republicans," according to reports from Fox News.

"So far this cycle, Biden has received nearly $10,798 from the NEA, which includes contributions from individuals, the organization itself, and its related PAC. In 2020, he received $200,522," Fox News reported.

Democratic candidates in hotly contested races this year who have also benefited from the NEA's deep pockets are as follows:

Sen. Raphael Warnock, D-Ga. — $19,520

Sen. Catherine Cortez-Masto, D-Nev. — $13,884

Sen. Mark Kelly, D-Ariz. — $15,948

Sen. Maggie Hassan, D-N.H. — $18,324

Senate nominee Cheri Beasley, D-N.C. — $15,190

Senate nominee Rep. Val Demings, D-Fla. — $10,534

Senate nominee Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Ohio — $16,181

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