BREAKING: Joe Biden Nailed Working Against Americans - Stunning Report...

July 12, 2022

Rep. Pete Stauber (R-MN) pointed out the inconsistency of the President Joe Biden administration, which is relaxing tariffs on Chinese solar panels and possibly other goods while preventing mining of minerals needed for the same products in Minnesota.

Stauber told Neil Cavuto, “This administration just will not allow the Minnesota miner to mine these critical minerals here in the United States using American labor, best environmental standards, and the best labor standards."

"Neil, what the president did a week and a half ago allowing the Chinese labor to enter our country, is unacceptable," Stauber continued. "When we talk about solar panels coming into this country,  Chinese Communist Party-made, child slave labor, zero environmental standards, and zero labor standards, it’s unacceptable when we’re ready, able, and willing to do it right here in our country, just simply unacceptable.”

Stauber said he wanted more products "made in America" and said Biden was "devastating the American worker."

And if you think Biden or whoever is pulling his strings is doing this out of incompetence, I do believe there might be a bridge for sale in Brooklyn with your name on it.

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