BREAKING: Joe Biden NAILED In Whipping Scandal - Sickening...

September 28, 2022

President Joe Biden falsely accused Del Rio Sector Horse Patrol agents of carrying out inhumane actions against migrants while they were trying to keep America's border secure.

There was just one problem with Biden's statement about how furious he was at our border patrol:

What Biden said happened, never really happened.

"To see people treated like they did, horses running them over and people getting strapped, it’s outrageous I promise you those people will pay," Biden said in September of 2021.

One year later, even after being proven wrong, Biden has never apologized.

"There will be consequences, it’s an embarrassment, but it’s beyond an embarrassment it’s dangerous and wrong," the President said before an investigation had taken place.

When the investigation revealed no wrongdoing, Biden was silent.

He has been ever since.

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