BREAKING: Joe Biden Nailed In Secret Weapon Attack Against AMERICANS - Developing

August 6, 2022

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz (R) warned Thursday on Tucker Carlson Tonight that the Biden administration is "weaponizing" the IRS against the American people by funding increases in weapons and ammunition for the agency.

“Well, Joe Biden is raising taxes, disarming Americans, so of course, they are arming up the IRS like they’re preparing to take Fallujah,” he said. “Like you mentioned, five million rounds of ammunition, 4,500 firearms, automatic weapons, and $731,000 of taxpayer money spent this year to quite literally weaponize your government against you.”

Gaetz pointed out that these actions run counter to the left's professed dislike of guns and attempts to disarm the public for "safety" reasons.

“So, it’s not really that Joe Biden and the Democrats hate guns,” Gaetz continued. “They just hate law-abiding Americans having them, and they take the money from the people to go and have their own little private arsenals, and it is particularly egregious from a country that militarizes its bureaucracies and then forces its grandmothers to go and fend for themselves on dangerous streets because they defund the police and have cashless bail and other hug-a-thug woke criminal justice policies. That’s why I’m introducing legislation to stop it.”

Of course, Gaetz's legislation has no chance of passing a Democrat-majority House, but all bets will be off after the midterms when Republicans are broadly expected to retake the House majority and possibly the Senate as well.

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