BREAKING: Joe Biden Nailed In Family Scandal - Unimaginable...

July 6, 2022

President Joe Biden's weak leadership has involved poor management of a global pandemic, astronomical inflation, and now, recent polls reveal, Biden is hurting American families.

This is a sad day for America, and in a country divided, the one thing Americans can come together on is the fact that they want the current president out of office.

"Fifty-seven percent of Americans affirm that President Joe Biden’s federal government economic policies have hurt their families," Reported Breitbart on the Monmouth poll.

The poll asked respondents, "Thinking about this most important concern, have the actions of the federal government over the past six months helped, hurt, or had no real impact on this concern?"

Fifty-seven percent of respondents said Biden’s administration has "hurt their family when it comes to their most important concern."

"The poll found America’s top three concerns are inflation (30 percent), gas prices (15 percent), and the economy (9 percent). The top concerns outweighed abortion (5 percent) and guns (3 percent)," reports Breitbart.

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