BREAKING: Joe Biden Nailed In 1.3 MILLION Conspiracy - Americans In Danger...

September 28, 2022

The number of illegal immigrants that have been released into the U.S. under President Joe Biden's watch number 1.35 million--more than the entire population of eight U.S. states.

In total, 2.2 million have crossed the border, but some were not released into the U.S.

Instead, they were sent back to their respective countries under Title 42, a COVID-era rule that is still in effect.

“If wealthy cities like D.C., New York, and Chicago are struggling to deal with the 11,000 released migrants border governors have sent them in recent weeks, imagine what will happen when the rest of us get our fair share,” Center for Immigration Studies’ Andrew Arthur wrote in a review of the activities.

“We’re aiding and abetting illegal entry to the United States,” a DHS source said. “We’re using government cars to transport people to American towns. It’s working like an Uber service.”

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