BREAKING: Joe Biden Nailed Helping China In Underhanded Deal - Unbelievable

July 9, 2022

Unfortunately for most of us normal Americans, we can yell warnings until we're blue in the face, and nobody is going to listen.

Luckily though, some politicians in America still care about common sense, and they still care about the people they represent.

Take the Republican Governor of South Dakota, Kristi Noem for instance.

While many establishment outlets and politicians know the game that Biden is playing, it takes people like Noem who care about the difference between right and wrong for anything to get done when it comes to federal corrpution.

Noem is blowing the horn on behalf of regular Americans, and she's blowing it loud.

"I have been talking about food security as a national security issue for about 15 years, now, being involved in farming and ranching. I was very young when I started working on federal policy, because the United States has always embraced a policy where we believed it was important to grow our own food in this country, and I’m a strong believer that when another country controls our food supply, that’s when they truly control us."

"If we think a pandemic was scary, wait until we realize that we can’t put food on the grocery store shelves because China controls the entire system, and what most of America hasn’t been paying attention to, is that China — for years — has been buying up our chemical companies, our fertilizer companies, our processing systems, and now they’re buying land, and we have foreign countries that are heavily invested in that entire supply system."

"We are losing control of the ability to feed our people," she concluded. "That’s what is challenging us today. We finally are waking up to that, but it is going to be a serious situation that this administration needs to recognize they have a huge role in, and all they’ve done is strengthen our enemies and given them more ability to control our food supply which makes us in a very precarious situation as a country"

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