BREAKING: Joe Biden Linked To SCOTUS Conspiracy - Evidence Rocks Nation...

July 10, 2022

It's a disgrace that at a time when Supreme Court justices are under threat from the public and radical abortion activists, President Joe Biden continues to blast the court for its decision to overturn Roe V. Wade and send abortion decisions back to the states.

He said that the ruling was not a "constitutional judgment" but an "exercise in raw political power."

Friday when he signed an executive order with limited power in some instances, he made more inflammatory statements.

He claimed that women would not be allowed to travel to blue states to obtain abortions; that hospitals would not be allowed to treat ectopic pregnancies; that there would be arrests for undergoing in vitro fertilization; and even that state governments would use private data stored in health apps on their smartphones to punish women.

None of this was any truer than fears that the Supreme Court would try to ban contraception for married couples, same-sex marriage, or even interracial marriages--other irresponsible or downright dangerous and false accusations that Biden has hyped.

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