BREAKING: Joe Biden Learns Which Women Prefer Donald Trump Over Him - Hahaha

November 3, 2022

According to recent polls, soccer moms prefer the GOP. This is just one more way former President Donald Trump continues to completely win and embarrass President Joe Biden.

"White suburban women favor Republicans by 15 points, moving 27 points away from Democrats since August," a Wall Street Journal Poll found.

"The demographic of white suburban women, representing 20% of the electorate, is a key indicator of which party will control Congress after November 8," reported Breitbart.

White suburban women shared their greatest concerns. Among those concerns is the Democrats' soaring inflation.

"Sixty-six percent of white suburban women say inflation is causing major financial hardship, up from 54% in August," reported Breitbart.

Fifty-four percent of white suburban women said they think Biden's economy is in a recession.

Additionally, 74% say Biden's economy is on the wrong track, the poll noted.

"In contrast, abortion, the issue Democrats are most touting before the midterm election, is less relevant than the sagging economy," reports Breitbart. "It’s absolutely true that these women have shifted their gaze more on the economy than abortion," Democrat pollster Molly Murphy said.

"If the 2024 election were between Mr. Biden and former President Donald Trump, 41% of white suburban women said they would vote for Mr. Biden and 52% Mr. Trump. In August, 55% said Mr. Biden and 39% Mr. Trump," the poll reported.

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