BREAKING: Joe Biden Learns Donald Trump's HUGE Secret - Trump is Laughing...

October 5, 2022

According to polls in the last two years, American republicans have not ever stopped supporting former President Donald Trump.

Former President Donald Trump enjoys significantly more support from his Republican base than President Biden sees from Democrats, according to an I&I/TIPP Polls survey.

"The survey asked both Democrats and Republicans who they would vote for if their respective presidential primary were held today," reported Breitbart.

"Biden failed to garner a majority of support, as roughly one-third of Democrats — 34 percent — said they would choose him. Former first lady Michelle Obama came in second with 11 percent support, followed by Vice President Kamala Harris (10 percent), Sen. Bernie Sanders (7 percent), Hillary Clinton (5 percent), and Pete Buttigieg and Gov. Gavin Newsom, both of whom garnered four percent each. No other candidate came close, but 11 percent of Democrats said they remain unsure of who they would support," Breitbart reported on the poll.

However, Biden did see a four-percent uptick from the 30 percent who said the same in August’s survey.

"Unlike Biden, Trump has significantly more support from his base, as 54 percent of Republicans said they would vote for him in the GOP primary. That is up from the 53 percent who said the same in August, prior to the FBI’s unprecedented Mar-a-Lago raid," reported Breitbart News.

"No other Republican comes close, as Gov. Ron DeSantis came in second with 15 percent, followed by former Vice President Mike Pence (8 percent). No other Republican saw anything over two percent. Ten percent of Republicans, however, said they remain unsure," Breitbart reports.

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