BREAKING: Joe Biden Is The DARK LORD - She's Speaking Out...

September 7, 2022

President Joe Biden received a dark diagnosis from Republican Gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake of Arizona.

Lake likened President Joe Biden to a "Sith Lord" from Star Wars, wherein he called MAGA Republicans a "threat" to America.

"Lake hosted a 'Faith and Family Fest' rally at Paloma Community Church in Mesa, Arizona, on Saturday, where she was joined by the Grand Canyon State’s GOP nominee for U.S. Senate, Blake Masters," reports Breitbart. "She slammed Biden for his speech and also pledged to 'purge' Arizona schools of Critical Race Theory (CRT) and 'gender-identity nonsense.'"

"Half of the most amazing people who love this country, he vilified us in front of a dark, ominous blood-red background that was so evil," said Lake.

"Did anyone else feel like that was a scene straight out of a Star Wars movie? I thought I was getting some serious Sith vibes, serious Sith vibes. That was a really really dark moment I think our history. This Sith Lord who occupies the Oval Office, he told the nation verbatim, I’m going to quote him here, 'MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundation of our Republic,'" Lake added.

"Our own government thinks that we’re extremists. How about that?" Lake asked.

"I guess that means if we want a proper education for our children, free from divisive, racist CRT garbage, free from damaging, and frankly, downright inappropriate gender confusion and sex-ed education, I guess that makes us extremists," said Lake.

You can read this full story and see more about Lake's "Faith and Family Fest" here.