Joe Biden Is DONE - America Shocked At Sudden...

July 15, 2022

The polls have been saying this for a while, but these numbers are almost unbelievable.

Despite disliking Joe Biden as much as I do, even I am shocked by the latest poll regarding Bicycle Joe.

Only 18% of Americans want Joe Biden to run for president again.

That kind of polling is almost unheard of not even halfway into his term.

In fact, the poll numbers on Joe Biden right now are the worst of any American president since Harry Truman.

Not even liberals want the old man and his hair plugs.

Just 35% of HIS OWN PARTY believes he should run for reelection.

That number still towers over independents though, who think he should run again at just a 12% rate.

Conservatives are the least keen on Joe obviously, with just nine percent thinking he should run for reelection.

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