BREAKING: Joe Biden Incompetence Proven - Report Shows Evidence...

July 18, 2022

Senator Rick Scott (R-FL), the chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, exposed President Biden's incompetence by blasting his administration as a "bunch of do-nothing people."

The nation is in chaos as inflation is setting new records and fuel prices threaten to crush American family budgets. The Biden Administration has so far done nothing to help out normal Americans who are getting desperate.

During an interview on Fox News' "Fox News Sunday," Senator Scott said, "Here's what we have to do: We have to balance the budget. This is caused by reckless spending. We've got — I mean, every proposal Democrats have is spend your money. Spend more money. We've got to reduce taxes, reduce fees, reduce the size of government. We've got to become energy independent. Don't go to Saudi Arabia and begged money — them for fuel. Go to Texas and ask them to get more fuel. Fix the supply chain."

The solution to many of the problems facing the nation is well known, but the President and those around him haven't done anything.

Senator Scott continued by saying, "The Biden administration is a bunch of do-nothing people that all they do is blame. Balance the budget. Start with that. That's the simplest thing we have to do. But we've got to figure out how to balance our budget, and we can do it. And reduce the cost of government. It's way too high. Stop spending money."

President Biden has been an objective failure just two years into his first term and it's clear he should never have stepped into the Oval Office. The only question that remains is if voters will punish the Democrat Party for Biden's failures in the upcoming election.

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