BREAKING: Joe Biden In PURE Desperation Begging For Votes - Watch Here...

October 20, 2022

President Joe Biden knows his party is in big trouble in the midterm elections, and he has spent the last few months doing everything he can think of to win voters back to the Democrat side.

He has ransacked the Strategic Oil Reserve to keep gas prices lower, and the Reserve is now at the lowest level it has been in decades.

He has tried to implement student loan forgiveness to buy the votes of young people and millennials, even though it's being fought in the courts.

And now, he's promising to sign a bill for national abortion rights if only voters will keep Democrats in power.

Trouble is, people are more worried about whether they can buy gas and groceries than whether they can get an abortion legally whenever they want. His tactics seem unlikely to sway many voters that weren't already in the Democrat camp, even as 23 states have already begun casting ballots.

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